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My name is Bunk and I am the lord and master of the house, they call me alpha dog because I am (when daddy is not home that is, as he has not learnt yet who is alpha dog and thinks he is alpha dog but he isn’t!). I sleep where I want (on mummy and daddies bed, in the middle so I can stretch out fully), drink what I want (puddles, kitchen sink, and toilet or if I have to, my water bowl) eat what I want (hmm wonder what they are having for dinner tonight…).

My partner is a tall leggy blonde known as Lilly, total hotness from Canada same as me so we have many cultural similarities as well as a love of crotch sniffing. We have been going out for almost 3 years now and I guess you could call me her toy boy as she is over twice my age but who doesn’t love a hot DILF! (doggy version of a MILF).

We spend many happy hours chasing balls, sniffing plants and eating rabbit poo! Some would say we have the perfect life and we will as soon as I teach daddy who is alpha dog!

Ooo afk brb mummy just opened a packet of biscuits……..

…such a soft touch managed to ninja 4 biscuits and I didn’t even have to put on my cute expression! Too easy.

So what else to tell you, I suppose I should mention the kids, well they are not really our kids but we call them that in a loving way. I refer to the two posh rats, mummy and daddy call them cats, but then their spelling skills suck. One is ginger and fat and for some reason only known to ratcats is always on the wrong side of a door or window, very annoying at 3am when I am trying to sleep. The other ratcat is a black skinny thing with evil eyes that sits there an stares at us, I am just waiting for the day when it goes postal an wipes us all out, we keep our distance from him cause I am convinced he is a nutter!

Well they say you can’t pick your family and trust me I wouldn’t if I could but I can’t so here we are warts an all and as the days go by and you get updates you will come to understand that dysfunctional is not always bad….



Meet Lilly

Meet Ode

Meet Mr. Ginger

Introduction to Bunk

Ode to Bunk

5 responses to “Pets World

  1. lol this is so cute! hmm not sure what my dog would say. I’m sure he thinks he is the alpha dog too! lol.

  2. Here for alexa from Bloggers lending a hand. I love your site and easily got lost looking around. I have 3 rescue dogs and we are always smiling and laughing with them.

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