Infographic – 12 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas



December 17, 2013 · 8:51 pm

10 responses to “Infographic – 12 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas

  1. Tell that chocolate one to a poodle of my ken and you will get bitten!

  2. I love your pet safety tips!

  3. These are wonderful tips to share! If I had pets I would print this out and keep it by the kitchen.

  4. Great list…my favorite one is number 1….They should never be given as a surprise gift (IMO).

  5. Fantastic as always Agata!! I have followed all of those rules!

    Happy Christmas to the pooches (and you of course)!

  6. Great info. Tinsel is banned around our home, with 4 cats.
    ~ Kimberly
    Our Family World

  7. My boyfriend’s mum has 5 cats and they climb in the tree, sit in there and then climb back out without knocking a single bauble off – Skill! In one of the pet shops I’ve been to recently they have pet friendly decorations. It’s either Pets at Home or some other one I can’t think of the name of but the logo is cream with pink/red writing and there’s PET in the title. xx

  8. I love that this info graphic talks about giving pets as presents. While it may seem fun for Christmas, many times people lose interest after the holidays.

  9. Great tips – its amazing how many people don’t realise dogs can’t eat chocolate 😦 x

  10. Really good tips and great information for first time pet carers. I love my dog and would freak out if anyone went anywhere near him with chocolate.

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