Review – Our new canvas from Canvas Design

Canvas Design

We have a new canvas! Woot!

We are allegedly a bit weird when it comes to pictures, frames and wall decorations etc… the only picture we actually have “on show” in the house is of Mark’s grandma… and this is only because we were given it as a gift, and she may come visit.

We do not like to “decorate” our house with pictures of ourselves, but we do not mind having “on show” something which will remind us of things we love, admire or simply like. We have a few paintings, a few movie related canvases but we still have a few empty walls which are waiting for something special.

When I was choosing the picture for a new canvas, I knew that it must be something special, something which will remind us of good times and something which will look fabulous on the wall.

In the end I went for a lighthouse, which was already featured on my blog in my Friday Who / What Am I? a few months back…

But enough about my choices and let’s talk about the canvas itself…

My canvas arrived a few days after placing the order. You actually get a 48h free delivery with your order (UK delivery I guess). It was huge, and I mean HUGE when the nice courier man brought it from the van; really it was huge, believe me… I became a bit worried as my math skills aren’t brilliant (Mark always reminds me of this) and I thought that I did my calculation wrong when using cm and inches… but then I started digging…

I took me about 10 minutes to finally get into it...

I took me about 10 minutes to finally get into it…

Unpacking it actually felt like I was on some sort of treasure hunt… layer after layer and still no canvas… but I would say it is a big plus because who would like to receive a damaged picture. Canvas Design made sure that there is zero chance of this happening by hiding it in several thick layers of bubble wrap and protective cardboard sleeves, which sits inside yet another protecting cardboard sleeve… all of this was then generously taped with lots of fragile signs all over it.

Once I finally unwrapped all the protective packaging materials, bubble wrap included, I was hit with the fresh smell of paint… what a great feeling… it was like a new piece of art was born in front of my eyes, or nose.

My new canvas is nothing like the one we already have in the house. It feels very solid, the wooden frame is thick and perfectly finished. There are corner wedges inside the frame, which help with maintaining the tension. All the edges look neat and there is nothing I could fault with it. Quality wise I give it 10 out of 10.

Simply put it has a perfect finish.

Simply put it- it has a perfect finish.

As I find out later, Canvas Design use 380gsm pure cotton canvases, this might be one of the reasons why it feels so solid.canvas mounting kit

The canvas came with a hanging kit supplied – yet another plus as you do not have to hunt around the house, garage, and loft to find something suitable in order to attach it to the wall. 10 minutes after it was out of all the wrapping it was already hanging on my wall (ok, I did have some wall space ready for it, so no drilling on my part required).

There it is... my new canvas and original picture for comparison

There it is…
my new canvas and original picture for comparison

Canvas Design offers few types of canvases:

  • Square – from 6”x6” up to 40”x40”
  • Landscape – from 10”x8” up to 40”x30”
  • Portrait – from 8”x10” up to 30”x 40”
  • Photo collage – from 8” x 8” up to 20”x 16”
  • Custom size – from 6” up to 72”

Their prices start from as little as £7.99.

To sum it up, we are very pleased with new arrival. The canvas is beautiful and extremely well made. Next time we find a picture we think would make a perfect canvas or just need a new canvas for a wall Canvas Design will be our first stop.

And if you are thinking about ordering a canvas for yourself I happened to find two discount codes which you can use.

“disco15” will give you 15% off the value of your shopping cart total.

“93HEXWF35U” will give you 10% off (just in case the 15% off code stops working)

So what are your thoughts on canvases?

Are you a fan or are you a traditionalist and prefer a painted picture… or a print if you didn’t win the lottery lately?

Our new canvas from Canvas Design


I received one canvas of my choice from Canvas Design for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.


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27 responses to “Review – Our new canvas from Canvas Design

  1. It looks great! I’m more a fan of canvases, you have more choices and I like it more than a painted picture. ( I’m sadly not rich enough to buy an authentic Monet or an Edvard Munch LOL)

  2. What a lovely picture for a canvas, I love the seaside/nautical theme. I am awaiting my canvas from Canvas Designs and you’ve made me really excited to get it now 🙂

    Fiona @

  3. christy b

    lovely review thanks it looks great x

  4. It looks really pretty!!! Wonderful review on the canvas! =)) gig

  5. i love canvases lovely review thanks for the share it looks great xoxo

  6. Those canvas are sure gorgeous! 🙂 I wish I have a place to hang my own canvas

  7. It’s looking SO pretty ❤ Such gorgeousness. It's a shame I'm not at all art and craft and canvas person 😦 x

  8. wow this is cute and a great way to decor your place in an original and creative way. I have to think about it for sure.

  9. That’s so pretty! I love canvas but not rich enough to buy them all 😦

  10. It looks amazing and very very similar to the actual photo ! Bravo !

  11. that looks really good – well done – great idea – – – giglove

  12. The canvas make for a great accent on the wall. 🙂

  13. I prefer traditionalist picture. But if you buy it, it is really expensive here. hehe. I love that painting too.

    GIG Love

  14. wow, this is very pretty canvas, but i dont think i can afford it, too expensive in my country >_<

  15. Lovely canvas! Love the lighthouse! We were also thinking of filling up our empty wall in the living room with some pictures we clicked during our europe tour.. not of ours.. just landscapes.. have to research the site available in out country..

  16. wow the canvas look really beautiful!!

  17. i love canvas prints. that is a great choice of image! i need to find somewhere to put mine

  18. I love the canvas and the print. Together they look really great.

  19. wow what a lovely canvas picture! =) so pretty and nautical!

  20. Oh wow!! That canvas looks amazing! I love lighthouses! gig

  21. I love this – Your lighthouse looks amazing, what a perfect addition to your home! ❤ GIGLove

  22. oh wow what a great review. really very detailed — gig love

  23. the canvas looks great, i would love to get one of my family pictures on a canvas like that! or maybe my baby once its born hehehe.giglove

  24. Oh, Agata what a beautiful lighthouse! It looks perfect!

  25. This is a great idea, I’d love to have so many different photos printed onto professional canvas. Trouble might be I’d have TOO many lol! ❤ GIG

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