The Colours Of Spring #hdygg

The colours of spring

Last week I took the dogs and my mobile phone and went for a walk… same thing I do every day but this time I decided to take pictures of all the lovely colourful plants I spotted between my doorsteps and my local field. I should add at this point that this trip is very short – maybe 2 – 3 minutes until I reach the start of my walk around the local fields.

It was a very sunny but windy day, so not all the plants wanted to behave… some were dancing a bit too much in the wind for my poor little mobile camera to take nice quality shots with.
I meant to post this last week but then the sad news about my Buffo came and I didn’t feel like “playing” with flower pictures.

So this morning I finally sat down and picked some usable shots to share with you.

These are my local colours of spring…









Everything else I encountered

Everything else I encountered

Spring is so beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve never taken part in the How Does Your Garden Grow? linky before, but we have the first signs of spring here already and a lot of changes will be happening in nature during the months to come, so it is time for me to get my “green fingers” to work and share my green stories with you.

Is your garden ready for the warm season already?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


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35 responses to “The Colours Of Spring #hdygg

  1. What a beautiful walk with so much prettiness around. The flowers look amazing.

  2. This is such a lovely piece! I love it when you can tell which season we are in according to what colours are outside, daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, reminding me of picking them as a child for my mum x


  3. Oh my such colour already! It really does make me ever so happy to see all these! Thank you ever so much for sharing xxx

  4. What beautiful pictures. I adore daffodils.

  5. Wow! I miss the colours, my town is so boring – time to go and see what’s growing in local Discovery Centre gardens 🙂

  6. The daffs are so lovely and are everywhere at the moment.

  7. You could make prints out of your photo collages here – i bet they’d sell really well. great piece xx

  8. Lovely photos and great colours. I do love the start of Spring!

  9. Gorgeous colours. I really love spring x

  10. Isn’t Spring lovely. Everything feels so fresh!

  11. What beautiful colours. No at the moment our garden is far from summer ready x

  12. So many lovely colours here. It’s great to get outside and lose yourself in nature. x

  13. cassfrugalfamily

    Such gorgeous colours x x

  14. I love spring it is lovely to see all the colours and plants coming back into life. It is such a welcomed sight after winter. Beautiful pictures x fb & #HDYGG

  15. Very pretty and lovely to see the photos displayed like that

  16. You’ve presented this post beautifully. I always mean to take loads of photos when I walk the dog but rarely do!

  17. I love the explosion of colour that Spring brings 🙂

  18. Lovely photos, i love spring! That reminds me i should really start on our garden! x

  19. pigeonpairandme

    Spring is such a colourful inspiring time, isn’t it. Your picture montages are gorgeous – very clever use of the different shades.

  20. It’s going to be so much easier to join in with How Does your Garden Grow now the sun is shining! Lovely colours x

  21. Sarah

    Beautiful it is so nice to finally see Spring here 🙂 x

  22. what a great post, I love all the spring colours 🙂 in my yard, the yellow daffodils are blooming and so are the pink cherry blossoms!

  23. Ahh looks like spring has already arrived in our city. It’s so beautiful.. all the flowers blooming and the green leaves. Everything is still same here (or maybe it is the plain lack of flowers, trees and gardens haha!). 🙂

  24. Lovely colours, am particularly enamoured with the blues!

  25. such wonderful colours! love flower pictures x

  26. Finally some colour in the garden. Stunning photos

  27. How lovely to live in such a pretty area 🙂

  28. What lovely colours! It is lovely to see everything coming into flower at this time of year isn’t it. It is much needed after the dreary winter we had!

  29. The colours here are just stunning and exactly what spring should be about. Gorgeous post, depicting spring so beautifully 🙂

  30. Lovely colours. We don’t have as many around us yet, just yellow with daffodils and primroses I think. I’m looking forward to the bluebells coming out.

  31. I just love how you’ve arranged all the colours together, so pretty.I think the purples are my favourite.

  32. winegumsx

    Wow such beautiful photos of the flowers, such a range of fabulous colours

  33. Plenty of purple and pink – the reason I love the warmer weather x

  34. Beautiful. Very uplifting!

  35. There are some beautiful colours recognising that spring is certainly here, let’s hope it’s hear to stay

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