Review – multiVAPE by multiCIG – Hope for all the smokers out there

multiVAPE by multiCIG

*by Mark

There comes a time when you start to question aspects of your life and wonder if what you are doing is really in your best interest. For me it was the other day whilst standing in the wind and rain having a cigarette. I had been fighting off a cold for a couple of days so my chest was already tight and uncomfortable, and here I was in abject misery, cold and wet, compounding the situation.

Time for a different approach I think to myself!

Now followers of Bark Time will already know that this is not the first time we have been at this crossroads and that we both have played at various solutions to our addiction. From patches to white plastic tubes with cartridges in them to even dabbling in the new e-cig vapping craze, but as we have already established I was standing in the wind and rain smoking so obviously nothing has worked so far.

Then in a wonderful case of synchronicity we were offered to try a multiVAPE by multiCIG. Yes it is another type of e-cig but this one has a presence that begs you to pay attention, so I did.

my multiVAPE by multiCIG

The package arrived and the first thing that struck me was the weight, it had some. I was expecting a fly weight box but this one felt though it has some substance, eagerly I opened it. Inside all nicely boxed in individual compartments was the highly polished silver e-cig, a charger, a small bottle of the liquid in natural tobacco flavour and the ubiquitous user manual.

The e-cig itself is a solid well engineered item that splits into three parts. You have the mouthpiece, the chamber where the atomizer is surrounded by clear glass or plastic (hard to tell which) were you pour the liquid and can easily see how much is left and then finally is the base where the rechargeable battery is. The instructions state that you must fully charge the battery before using so I dutifully plugged it in to discover it had come fully charged already, a nice touch. The next step was a little fiddly as you have to fill the liquid reservoir without getting any into the atomizer, a task for a steady hand. Then simply screw the pieces together, easy.

multiVAPE by multiCIG in use

Depressing the tiny button on the side 5 times powers up the e-cig and a comforting blue light lets you know you’re good to go. Then it’s a simple case of using like a regular cigarette except when you go to inhale you have to press the button to activate the atomizer.

First impressions where very good for me as the smoke actually had some substance. I had taken a big drag expecting the sensation to be very mild and ended up coughing just like I did when I first had a proper cigarette; the second go was much more restrained. If you have ever tried to smoke a shisha pipe it is a remarkably similar experience, the smoke is cool with texture and flavour. Now don’t expect the taste to be anything like your go to packet you smoke every day, you do need to look at this as a new brand. It was very good at satisfying the cravings and had the additional benefit that you only need a couple of drags and your done, no more smoking the second half of a cigarette even though you don’t really want it just because they are too expensive to throw away!

In the true nature of showbiz my e-cig saved its biggest plus till last and it came a couple of days later. My chest relaxed and my mouth stopped feeling like a parrot’s cage in the mornings. I could breathe much easier and taste my food better; this is awesome as far as I am concerned.

I have been using my multiVAPE for a couple of weeks now and the love affair is well and strong, yes I have had a couple of regular cigarettes but I now found that they actually taste awful so that desire is going away.

multiVAPE by multiCIG - other flavours
The other thing I would mention is that the liquid you buy comes in a variety of flavours such as menthol, coffee, cherry with more planned in the future, happy me. The bottles are rather small when you first see one and I wondered how long they would last. I put around 1/3rd into the chamber of me e-cig and it took me almost 4 days to empty it, and I am not a casual smoker, so the savings over £9 a pack cigarettes is HUGE!

Though, all is not perfect in the e-cig world. The one and only complaint I have against the system is if you leave it lying around for the night for example in the morning when you take your first drag it gurgles as if some of the liquid has leaked out or the atomizer has flooded. On one occasion it did actually deliver some unvaporised liquid into my mouth which was not tasty at all, it has only happened once to be fair so may have been my handling as opposed to a design fault. I have since discovered that if you prop it up when not using so the mouth-piece is elevated then the problem is completely eradicated.

In conclusion I think this system is the future, it works for me and I would happily recommend it to my friends. It will save you money, save your lungs, restore your taste buds and bring you into the 21st century.

our multiVAPE by multiCIG

Go forth and Vap!

Do you Vap? Did you try or are you one of the rare none-smoking healthy types?


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18 responses to “Review – multiVAPE by multiCIG – Hope for all the smokers out there

  1. ellie

    I know from family how hard it is to quit smoking and ecigs seem a good alternative x

  2. I would like to try the cherry falvor, I had cigarettes once from India with cherry flavor and they were great! maybe that’s the perfect replacement :o)

  3. With all of the health problems that cigarettes cause, I’m so glad e-cigs were invented. They are helping my Aunti’s health improve. I’ll have to tell her about this brand!

  4. Tea

    I still don’t have my exact opinion about e-cigarettes. I don’t know if they goood or even worse than real cigarettes.

  5. I use an e-cig but nothing quite as fancy as this. I use one which looks like a cigarette…..My friends use this type though and said they are fab x

  6. There are so many e-cigarettes on the market, it can be hard to know which one if right for you. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Though I’ve never been a smoker, I have a few friends who had an absolutely terrible time trying to kick the habit. I think this is a great alternative for people who are trying to give it up.

  8. This sounds like a great option for people trying to quit! It is so incredibly hard to just quit any habit cold turkey. This gives people a much better chance of getting away from cigarettes!

  9. I do not smoke, but I know someone who does.

  10. virtuallyateacher

    Good for you for making the commitment to quit! What a smart product. Good luck!

  11. I may need to try this. I really need to quit smoking.

  12. Congrats for taking steps to stop smoking. It’s amazing how quickly you’re body will start to heal, even minutes after you make the decision to quit you’re blood pressure goes down. 🙂 best of luck

  13. Kimberly Bergeron

    I think my brother has one of these!

  14. Good for you for taking that leap to stop smoking. I wish you much success. One question I have is what’s in that liquid?

  15. sistermonsterdisaster

    cool, i never see this thing before 😀
    @freddy_friday blog

  16. I’m an ex smoker of some 14 years, I did it going cold turkey, these ecigs are ok – but I guess we need to see the bigger picture and that is – they can help people get off ‘old’ fags and all the chemicals and just have the nicotine instead……

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