Happy Easter

Easter is more than just eggs and candy.
It is also about peace, love, and family.
May you feel the hope of new beginnings, love and happiness
during this joyful Easter Holiday.
Have a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter


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DIY – Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Firstly let me explain “on a budget”, as this term will not mean the same to me, you and for sure not to any super rich football star… we will all have a different monetary definition regarding what “on a budget” means… so to make it more clear, the idea was to remake our bathroom using only supermarket own brand products.

This challenge was set by the people at Debt Free Direct in line with their idea of Making Money Go Further.

I bet you are wondering right about now is it possible to create a nice space from supermarket own brand / super value products? Not to worry I was wondering about it as well. I wasn’t sure if I should or shouldn’t except the challenge… until I actually browsed through few websites and had a look at what is out there… then the choice was obvious… yes, I think I can do it!

I was not restricted to picking any particular brand / superstore chain, the only restriction was it must be a supermarket own brand and not one of the perceived “posh” brands, so Harrods was out of the question.

After much deliberation I picked Wilkinson and their Wilko range. I wanted to get all the bits from one place, so if anyone attempts to recreate my steps, they can save on delivery charges or unnecessary multi trips to a variety of stores for collection.

This is what I got…

Ingredients of a transformation

Ingredients of a transformation

My full order come to just £85.45. All that I was missing were some paint brushes, rollers, etc but I already had them so there was no need for getting new ones.

So now that you know what I had to “play” with, let me introduce my “playground”… please do not judge us to harsh…

Guess where we hide stuff

Guess where we hide stuff

Yes, I know that this bathroom is was full of clutter and totally unusable but we really didn’t have any use for it… until now…

Step one was to remove all the items which didn’t actually belong in the bathroom and get it cleaned / de-web and ready for the make-over to come. Once everything was removed, walls hovered, cleaned with soapy water, all holes filled, dried and sanded back down to smooth surfaces, all edges covered in masking tape it was time to get painting.

Let it be white

Let it be white

While making my choice of paint I wanted something washable, this was my “must have” regarding the paint… in addition to this I chose paint which can cover wood and metal as well… how handy is that? In light of this there was no need for any additional wood paint just for the skirting boards and “shelves” around the loo; everything could be painted using my Wilko choice.

As I was covering a blue wall with white paint I knew that one coat would probably not do the trick. My first day on my DIY project stopped after the first coat of paint and room looking like this…

Looking better already

Looking better already

… when I left it to dry I became kind of distracted with other life issues, so there was no coming back to do anymore work on day one.

So on too day two of my DIY project, I started with the second coat of the white walls. The ceiling was perfect after just one coat, so there was no need for any touch ups, the joy of white on white painting. Once my walls were done with the second coat it was time to add some colour.

Let it be green

Let it be green

When picking the paint I wasn’t sure if I wanted our bathroom to be entirely white, I thought it would feel too clinical. Therefore I chose a tin of subtle green paint as well; I wanted something calming and easy for the eye. The green paint covered the walls very nicely. It was quite a thick paint but it spreads very easily and it had good coverage.

My green corner

My green corner

I think it was just after midday when my green corner was done. Lunch break was in order as the paint had to dry out.

After returning to my little bathroom I discovered that in a few places I could still, ever so slightly, see the blue paint showing through from underneath. I had a lot of paint left, so I decided to give it a quick third coat just to be totally sure that all the walls that were supposed to be white, where in fact totally pure brilliant white, just as it said on the tin!

It was yuck... then it looked better... now, it is perfect

It was yuck… then it looked better… now, it is perfect

While yet again waiting for the walls to dry I wanted to get started on adding my accessories but I again became a bit distracted whilst passing by the bathroom door, which had been removed earlier to improve access, and stored in our bedroom… I spotted the horrible dirty door handles :-( One quick trip to the garage later I was in possession of some brand new door handles, woot! Unfortunately my happiness didn’t last very long as they didn’t fit – they were the wrong size and there was nothing I could do about it! So, as I had some free time, I decided to check if I could simply clean them… 30 min of scrubbing later and tada…

Not bad, would you not agree?

Not bad, would you not agree?

Yes, I know that they are not perfect but for me they look 100s times better and I didn’t have to spend a penny :-), well maybe a couple for the hot water.

After that everything else went more or less smoothly…

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Mirror

The new mirror replaces the old one which just so happens to be the same size and shape, the only difference being the old one was full of rust and really didn’t look very attractive any more.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Towel Hook

New towel hook replaces the old one giving our bathroom a more clean and modern look.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Loo Roll Holder

New loo roll holder replaces… hmm nothing… I think maybe the old owners of the house took it with them when they moved out… unsure on that one… all that was left were the holes in the wall where the holder was once placed some years previously.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Puller

New extractor fan pull cord weight replaces the old one. Its shape and colours is in much better keeping with our other accessories, so it all blends well together.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Over Door Hook

A new addition goes on the back of the door – an over door towel hook. It is actually not a part of the Victoria accessories set but it does look very similar and so I thought it would be a nice addition and it will give us some much needed hanging space for bathrobes.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Blind

A much needed element of the transformation – a venetian blind. No more weird hanging net curtains, I hate them! Now we have a clean and fabulous looking blind which we can open or close depending on our mood. Just perfect!

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget o

So finally I had come to the end game, at this point it was time to “dress up” our new bathroom. The three piece set which I had picked looked perfect, I think. It goes very well with all the other bits I had placed and I think it really helps with bringing the room together.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget The Light

This is the only part of our make-over which is not finished as yet – is the light :-( We attempted to change it but it is not as straightforward as one would think – we are supposed to connect three wires but we have five it turns out. As we lacked confidence in this matter I think we will wait for an electrician with this one!

So here you have it! – A bathroom make-over on a budget.

Loo corner transformation including a new toilet seat

Loo corner transformation including a new toilet seat

Sink area before and after transformation

Sink area before and after transformation

General overview of before and after

General overview of before and after

So, what do you think?

In your opinion did I succeed in my task?

* I received the above items for free in order to attempt a makeover of my chosen room.


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Chillin’ in the sun

Chillin' in the sun 01Chillin' in the sun 02Chillin' in the sun 03chillin' in the sun 04


April 16, 2014 · 3:19 pm

MyPure Choice – Madara Purifying Foam and Cleansing Milk

As most of you know I have dry, sensitive skin, which means that I can’t just put anything on my face… ok, I guess technically I could but it wouldn’t do me any good, that’s for sure.


MyPure is an online store selling purely natural and organic skin care. Perfect for me! I was over the moon when I received an offer to work with them. Every month I get a budget of £30 to spend on my chosen product / products.

Madara from MyPureIt took me a while to select my first order as there are so many lovely brands and products I want to try. I started my selection from choosing the brand.

I picked Madara.

Their cosmetics are entirely natural and ecologically sound. As for the choice of the product, I went for a make-up remover, two of them exactly:

  • Madara Purifying Foam
  • Madara Cleansing Milk

Both of these products are natural, certified organic products, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Madara Purifying Foam

Madara Purifying Foam

Madara Purifying Foam according to the website description: Rich and soft foam with Northern Yarrow extract deeply and gently purifies the skin. Removes make-up. Regulates oily zones while soothing dry areas. Skin feels refreshed and soft. Suitable for use around the eyes.

Ingredients: Aqua Sodium Cocamphoacetate Rosa Damascena (Rosa) Flower Water, Alcohol Glycerin, Lactic Acid Surcose Cocoate Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Flower Extract, Aroma

Packaging: 150ml bottle fitted with pump and a cap. Bottle has all the relevant information present: ingredients list, description and directions for use, manufacturer details and use by date (which is not coded).

Madara Purifying Foam in action

Madara Purifying Foam in action

Texture: it is foam, not sure what else I can tell you. It is quite “loose” when touched, it disappears / absorbs very quickly. It requires only gentle spreading to get it to work; this must be the reason why it is suitable for delicate eye areas.

Fragrant: there is something there, so it is not fragrant free but it is very, very gentle. Whatever it is, it is pleasant and hardly noticeable (at first I actually thought that it was totally fragrant free, but it is not)

Price: £15

After use thoughts: As a make-up remover it works perfectly and it is very gentle. Skin is left clean and feeling fresh but it is lacking a good moisturising effect for me.

Madara Cleansing Milk

Madara Cleansing Milk

Madara Cleansing Milk according to the website description: Creamy and soothing milk with Northern Oat and Linden Flower cleanses gently and effectively. Removes makeup. Helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Skin feels soft, supple and comfortably clean, never dry. Suitable for use around the eyes. Great for dry skin types.

Ingredients: Aqua Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Alcohol Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Plantago Major (Plantain) Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Tocopherol Ascorbyl Palmitate Sodium Phytate Potassium Hydroxide Aroma, Citronellol, Geraniol

Packaging: 200ml bottle fitted with pump. Bottle has all the relevant information present: ingredients list, description and directions for use, manufacturer details and use by date (which is not coded).

Madara Cleansing Milk in action

Madara Cleansing Milk in action

Texture: milky and creamy with texture similar to most face moisturisers; very easy to apply and spread around.

Fragrant: gentle and very pleasant. It is based on linden flower so maybe this is it. The fragrant doesn’t stay with you for long, it is gone within few minutes.

Price: £15

After use thoughts: leaves your skin smooth and soft and well moisturised, which was a very nice surprise due to the inclusion of content number three, which is alcohol. It removes make-up with such ease, even the waterproof stuff. Skin is left soft and moist with a visible healthy glow.

My Madara order from MyPure

Both these product perform just as stated and do their job well. Madara Purifying Foam for me works best as a cleanser plus it is perfect as an eye make-up remover due to its texture. There is very little “scrubbing” motion needed, it penetrates your skin under just a gentle touch.

Madara Cleansing Milk gives you a bit extra, it leaves your skin moist and for someone with a balanced skin type, I would even suggest it could work as a moisturiser, so you could treat it as 2 in 1 product :-)

When picking these products I was thinking that they will do the same job, but actually they do vary in their main tasks a little. After my first go I was thinking that I would not find a use for the purifying foam due to my overwhelming preference for the cleansing milk, but as the days were passing by I found myself reaching for it more and more often in order to do just the eye areas. It really makes a difference. There is no irritation, no redness; it is perfect for this task.

I am very pleased with my first MyPure choices. I would recommend both products I chose and I would be happy to purchase them again.

Did you have any experience with MyPure or Madara?

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New Discoveries – Skittles and Liquorice Earl Grey Tea

New Discoveries Skittles and Liquorice Earl Grey Tea

We are all creatures of habit to some point, I know I am. I know what I like and I tend to stick to these things but every so often I am feeling adventurous…

Yesterday we went off shopping… browsing aisles in the superstore can be so exciting… and boring at times… but then I got to the sweetie aisle :-) Oh yes! This is a fun part! Sweets for Gran, some chocolate for us, some biscuits (for Gran again), some cheese crackers… and then I spotted them… groovy looking colourful pouches – Skittles! I started to dig in to the depths of my memory, had I ever eaten them… at some level they did look Skittles Confusedfamiliar or at least the concept of them but I couldn’t really recall ever eating them or even do I like them… Being half price I put three packets to my trolley to settle the matter and then kept going…
In the evening when the munchies took me over it was the moment of truth… did I buy a winner? Open the packet; stare at the little colourful flat balls, pick one who shall “die” first and booom!… I was hit with an explosion of flavour… it was a mango one; there was no doubt about it. Such a fantastic little treat! I really can’t believe we do not buy them on a regular basic.

So here you have it… every day trip to a superstore can bring something new and unexpected… but so can the post man…

Months ago I was lucky enough to win a Twining goodie bag on Twitter. I was very happy as this is one of the tea brands of choice, especially Lady Grey so I received something that I would buy anyway. When my goodies box arrived one of the Liquorice Earl Grey Teateas inside was a Liquorice Allsorts Earl Grey. It looked lovely and I’ve never seen nice packaging like that before but and the end of the day it was liquorice flavour… blah… really not for me (or so I thought at the time). So the packet of tea was left standing on the tea shelf for months. I didn’t want to try it and no one else wanted it when they came to visit either, so unpopular and so it just stood there. One night Mark decided to have a pop at it. OMG what a discovery! The tea smells amazing and it taste even better. The hint of liquorice is ever so slight but it gives an unbelievable aroma and flavour to the tea. Maybe it’s because it’s a kind of flavoured Earl Grey tea, and not a pure Liquorice one. I was shocked and amazed by it. I would never have ever expected it to be so delicious. It was so good that yesterday we hunted the superstore in order to procure a new box. We discovered that it is not the cheapest tea- almost £4.50 for 15 tea bags but we got it anyway because we think as a treat it is worth it.

It is funny how things go… sometimes the most unexpected things can give you so much pleasure and surprise you in amazing ways!

Did you discover something new lately?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

“Golden bridge, silver bridge or diamond bridge; it doesn’t matter!

As long as the bridge takes you across the other side, it is a good bridge!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Weekly Photo Challenge Monument

Challenge set by The Daily Post



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Watching WatchBot Watch

So with great anticipation you open the box, first thing that strikes you is this is a masterclass in packaging. The camera, cables and manual are all safe and snug in a Styrofoam block to seriously reduce any chance of damage in transit, so far I am impressed.

There is inside both a detailed user manual as well as a card giving just the bullet points for a speedy set up, time to test that card and see if it is effective.

First step is to connect the power supply and the internet cable to the camera.

A simple registration form, name, email and how many did you buy (you can have up to 64 on the network if you so need).

Download the app for your platform; choices include Windows, Android and iPhone with Mac coming soon. Install and then run your app. Following the bullet points you can quickly set up the camera with your new app and connect to it and viola! Technicolor images of whatever your camera is point at are blazed across your PC.

Now it maybe that I am not technically literate, but as set up was so simple I am thinking it is not a technical issue but the camera supplied to me seemed resolutely determined not to move either up or down. Left and right was no problem, I was able to use the sweep function and the manual control but no joy up or down. I think my camera maybe poorly :-(

Next step was the setting up of the WiFi so that I can move the camera to a position that is useful opposed to sitting beside me at my PC. Again this was a preference thing and the addition of my WiFi enabled router and internet provider password and viola, done. Disconnect cables and reinstate the power and the camera boots and again Technicolor images abound.

Now I was able to place the camera anyway, albeit near a power supply socket, and control it from the PC, easy. Full of myself I next decided to synch it with my lap top so that I can have remote access when away from my desk. It took me less than 2 minutes to set up the laptop to see images, it really is idiot proof. Though still no joy on that up and down movement issue.

This is how my private control center looks like

This is how my private control center looks like

I did however fail at my last mission, to set it up on my android phone. I scanned the QR code and was taken to their website, I installed the android app, and it clearly stated it was downloaded and installed, however I cannot for the life of me find the app, or widget or any mention of it on my phone. The bullet points say after downloading app just open it and pick the camera you want to connect to, however I can’t get to that step… so I cannot comment as to the wonders of fully mobile monitoring of the WatchBot camera at present, maybe tomorrow when I have calmed down I will have another go.

The camera itself is compact, lightweight and discrete and virtually silent when moving, tucked up in the corner of a room or your garage it is unlikely to get noticed.

The video you take can be saved to your hard drive for future viewing, making this WatchBot an extremely powerful tool in your home security arsenal. You can set up a sweep cycle so it constantly scans from side to side, and allegedly up and down! If you want to you can also enable audio, and even two way communications. However I have saved the best to last, you can set up your WatchBot to monitor an area with a motion detector enabled. If triggered the WatchBot will start to record video and save it to your PC, but not only that it will take a snap shot of what it has detected and then email that image to you to see if you are happy about what it has noticed. In the advent of a burglary you would be able to contact the police within seconds of the break in; that could be invaluable in the apprehension of the criminals. It even has infra red just in case the light is low or its night time. What a powerful little tool, still impressed.

As an example here is a short clip of my WatchBot on patrol using horizontal sweep function. He is watching over the garage and the “Porsche” ;-)

I would absolutely recommend the WatchBot camera to you for use; it has the ability to bring a level of peace and security to your life that you may well never have experienced before. Imagine with up to 64 cameras in your control nothing would move in your castle without you knowing about it, and after all they do say that knowledge in power.

And now something special!

WatchBot are running a competition! The prize will consist of £600 worth of WachtBot products (4 x WatchBots 1 x Free Mobile App). If you are feeling lucky you can enter it below, just follow the link into Rafflecopter Giveaway.


Rafflecopter Giveaway

Good Luck!

* I received one WatchBot for free for review purpose. All opinions about the products are honest and my own.The competition as stated above is solely run by WatchBot themselves. We are just passing on the good news and take no responsibilities for any prizes not received.


ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions
SuperLucky Blog Giveaways Linky


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